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Golden key Organic Products deal with beauty and health products they produce themselves and supply to the ultimate user. Some of Products supply pumpkins seeds and date palm seeds, a lei, carrots and Sesame seeds etc


Golden Key Organics is to provide entrepreneurship training to the youth in different regions like education for maintenance of commodities like lotion, soaps, hair and skin oil, processing flooded of different type of foods, all under the Golden Key Organics


The company start with the production of goods but after reaching April, 2019 the company came with the new product which associate with the breathing system that helps to cure the breathing problems includes Coughing, Sneezing and Corona.


The industry aims to increase value to its commodities ‘resulted’ from plants and reaching National and International Market. Also aims to provide employment opportunities to the youth which have not yet employed.

This will also help to increase the economic in my country cause will increase employment opportunity for jobless and boost the economic of my country by receiving foreign currency from other country by doing that also will generate relationship among the country will prefered my products.



To be a modal company in directing, coordinating, and  empowering production in new generation … health and beauty in order to retain the herbal commodities in the society presented now from non using chemical product.

lack soap is just like any other bar soap, in the sense that you work it into a lather in your hands and apply it to a damp face. For extra exfoliation, you can use a washcloth, but the application is pretty standard. Use just a few times a week as the ingredients can be harsh on some skin types.

black soap has been anecdotally known to help aid in breakouts — though there isn’t any significant data to back those claims up.

If you’re buying  black soap in its raw form, read several customer reviews before committing to a purchase. GoldenKey and various beauty supply shops sell the product, and some Etsy sellers offer homemade varieties, but it’s best to ensure others have had success before adding it to your cart.

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